Healthcare & Hospitals

Austin Healthcare is a division of The Austin Company that focuses on integrated design-build services for acute care hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

We Provide Building Solutions for Healthcare Business Challenges

The healthcare industry is under intense scrutiny, with hospitals at the heart of the issue. Hospital executives are expected to do more with less, all while increasing overall accountability. All efficiency and cost-reduction options are being considered, including those for the healthcare facility itself.

Austin Healthcare utilizes The Austin Method® for Healthcare to provide proven, design-build services that empowers you in a collaborative, single-source approach. This methodology benefits you by providing:

  • Guaranteed, upfront pricing
  • An optimized balance between cost and scope
  • Faster project delivery and response time

Just as the hospital must take responsibility for its actions, Austin Healthcare is a single company in the healthcare design and construction industry that will do the same…we take pride in providing Results, not ExcusesTM.

Before every project, Austin Healthcare will conduct a detailed assessment to obtain a deep understanding of your required building solution. This allows us to provide you with a Guaranteed Lump Sum Cost at completion of schematic design, so costs are known quickly, accurately and upfront. We provide schematic design, design development and cost information before any initial investment from the hospital.

Austin Healthcare represents extraordinary knowledge in hospital design, engineering and construction. Our leadership team’s experience includes more than 150 years of service to the healthcare industry and involvement in over 500 acute care hospital projects.

For more information contact:

Bill Luciano at or 314.786.3114