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Celebrating Women in Construction - WIC Week 2019

National Women in Construction (WIC) Week is an important week for the future of our industry. Each year, we celebrate women who have crossed the threshold of entering a traditionally male-dominated industry, and succeeding. Hopefully, that threshold is less imposing and the door is open wider with each passing year – it needs to be.

Living our Company Values: Generosity

I get it. Every year at this time, there is an overload of blogs, tweets, essays and Hallmark movies feeding off the Scrooge and Christmas Carol theme. Ready for another one? Thanks – here is my spin on it all.

My problem with A Christmas Carol is that the tale is not possible without the premise that the “capitalist” (or capitalism in general), represented by Scrooge, is greedy, uncaring and lacks any sense of compassion. The truth is that corporations of all sizes and types, including and especially for-profit organizations, show compassion and caring for their employees and the communities they serve.

Companies are simply organizations made up of people established for a common purpose. I like to believe that organizations and the people that comprise them are, in the end, reflections of themselves. If the values of the organization and the values of its people don’t match, they will be limited in their ability to succeed since the people won’t stay.

Pursuing a Renewed Sense of Corporate Purpose

In a recent meeting with our Board of Directors, we were talking about a certain metric and how we use that data. A couple of our directors suggested a different, and more powerful way to use the data point in management. When asked why we didn’t do it the way some of our sister companies do, I had to answer with the dreaded, “because we’ve always done it that way.”  

Complacency. Accepting the status quo. Not looking deep enough to improve.

Celebrating Women in Construction

This week, March 4-10, is the week we celebrate Women in Construction. One of the traditional activities in any commemorative week is to recognize the contributions those being celebrated have made to the cause. In the design and construction industry, there are many contributions by women to recognize; however, you may have to look harder than you should need to.

Remembering Our Purpose

I recently had a discussion about a project we lost due to miscommunication about our estimate and what it meant. Performing a “lessons learned” about a painful lesson is always a bit of a roller coaster ride. Once you confront the pain of the loss, you begin to realize there is something you might gain from it, and growth appears at the doorstop of the loss.

How to Maximize Feedback and Engagement

We are preparing to do a total revamp of our website (sorry web designers, we’ve selected a firm and hope that we can come to terms with them soon – but that’s a topic for another blog). As part of this process, we surveyed about 20% of our team from across all positions and locations to learn how they see and use our existing website. The results and feedback were enlightening and fascinating.

National Cyber Security Month

October is national Cyber Security Month. While unfortunate, it is a fact of life that there are forces in the world that are mischievous at least and downright evil at worst. When fighting an issue, it is always productive to identify the issue for what it is.

The Benefits of Taking Ownership

My sister once lamented to me that her son took poor care of the car she and her husband bought for him, but once he bought his own car, he washed it all the time. When confronted with the fact, he acknowledged it saying, “Well, that was your car, this one is mine.” I think it is a simple fact of ownership, and a simple principal of managing people. The more someone has invested in a mission, the more they will own the results.

Leadership for Mission and Team Success

I recently attended my first meeting of the Corporate Advisory Board of the Masters of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Case Western Reserve University. The MEM program takes engineering students from around the world and furthers their skills and knowledgebase, enabling them to be better equipped to accelerate the value of their engineering background into the business environment.

Creating an Environment for Success

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get back into the habit of reading books. For some reason, I got distracted from this important habit and reduced my consumption of printed materials to magazines, newsfeeds and the like. Personally, it was a unique sports year for me. As a Chicago native living in Cleveland for almost twenty years, I was treated to the Cavs World Championship and the Cubs versus Indians World Series. My Bleacher Report app saw a lot of action this year!

I missed reading books though. The depth and context you can only get into when reading a book is more thought-provoking than a 5000-word magazine article. Considering this, a book I recently finished and strongly recommend is General Stanley McChrystal’s, Team of Teams. The baseline for the book is McChrystal’s success at turning the military’s top-down chain of command protocol upside-down.