Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design & Construction

The Austin Company has been integrating design and construction services for over a century and today utilizes BIM, which includes virtual design and construction (VDC) technology to best serve our clients.
With BIM, Austin shows clients virtual 3D views of their designs long before they are constructed, providing a deeper understanding of the design. This results in fewer changes after the design is complete, lowering project cost and allowing for better control of the project schedule.
An integrated BIM environment offers a detailed and powerful solution for your facility challenges with higher value, higher quality and reduced risk.

Level of Development

Level of Development (LOD) Specification is a method by which Austin professionals clearly define and communicate with clients the content of building information models at different stages in the design and construction of a project.
The specification illustrates characteristics of model elements of different building systems at different Levels of Development, allowing the designer to define for the client the usability and limitations of the models they are receiving.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Beyond 3D modeling, Austin uses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to bring clients’ projects to life before they are constructed.
With VR, the entire 3D environment is digital and visual, allowing clients to “fly” or “walk” inside and around their virtual facility. With AR, digital information, such as the building model, is overlaid in a real-world visual simulation.
These tools not only stir the imagination of what is possible, but also provide even greater collaboration between Austin’s design and construction teams and the client.