Media & Entertainment

Since the beginning of commercial media and entertainment, The Austin Company has been at the forefront of providing facilities planning, design, and construction services to support the industry’s continuous growth and technological advancements.

With over 65 years of radio and television broadcast and entertainment facility experience, Austin has served virtually all major U.S. broadcast networks and group owners, and has completed hundreds of projects nationally and internationally.

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Today’s operating and business environment demands broadcast facilities that provide flexibility and responsiveness. Sleek, contemporary set design includes LED walls, projection screens for live video feeds, and rear projection screens, all supporting the industry’s drive to showcase their latest technology.

Studio size is impacted by changes in aspect ratios and master control room design is affected by decentralized server clusters. Traditional newsroom planning is being reinvented to accommodate changes in assignment-desk flow, electronic journalism and news gathering methods, as well as newspaper-TV integration. Successful studio design can be accomplished through careful planning of facility space requirements and integration of technical equipment and systems with building mechanical, electrical and structural components.

When undertaking the planning and architectural design for an advanced media facility, Austin’s expertise focuses on specific challenges, including site considerations, acoustics, building systems, lighting, and functional, infrastructure, and technical space requirements.