Office, Commercial & Education

The Austin Company’s highly-skilled, in-house architects, engineers, interior designers and construction professionals have exceptional experience and ability to marry vision with function. Austin’s team considers the aesthetics and purpose of each office, commercial or educational facility to design efficient and functional environments that encourage, invite and stimulate.

From renovations and expansions to major new construction projects, our portfolio reflects the value we place on creating environments that foster rich working and learning experiences.

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Our professionals work with all levels of the organization to ensure facilities meet the required needs of all user groups. Critical issues, such as budget, infrastructure, sustainability and technology requirements, are closely examined to ensure a long-term payback on the investment.

Through close project coordination, Austin understands and responds to all project requirements, knowing that decisions made early in the conceptual and planning phases will have far-reaching impacts on the facility, employees and surrounding community.

Austin’s experience includes hundreds of thousands of square feet designing and engineering corporate headquarters, operations centers, data centers, schools and universities. Our design philosophy is to offer facilities that provide flexibility and adaptability to accommodate tomorrow’s needs.