Construction Management & General Contracting

We build facility solutions that embody efficiency, safety and quality

The Austin Company provides construction services to accompany our other services provided, or as a stand-alone service offering in partnership with your chosen A/E firm. When working with an outside A/E firm, Austin manages the pre-construction and construction phases of a project. Our professionals advise the construction team, ensuring seamless project execution and saving you time and money, while delivering a high-value, high-quality result.

When appropriate, Austin assists in breaking down projects into smaller bid packages and encourages the primary use of local contractors to perform the work. This shows your interest in the local economy and community. This method also provides the best pricing from the market, since pricing is bid competitively between six and eight bidders per bid package.

Culture of Safety and Quality

Austin maintains and strongly encourages a culture of safety and quality across all projects and has long been known for its distinguished Safety Record. Austin’s safety standards comply with and are often more stringent than local, OSHA and applicable trade regulations for every project completed.

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Austin prides itself on its formal Jobsite Safety Program, which has helped us maintain some of the best safety ratings in our industry. The program includes jobsite safety training, signage, daily and weekly safety meetings, and rigorous enforcement.

Download our Whitepaper onThe Value of Safety in Construction: Putting Safety First.

Project Completion

In addition, Austin provides start-up assistance and maintains involvement with the project through the very end. Many firms overlook this important step; however, start-up services are part of every full-service project. Austin ensures that the systems work as designed and the client’s staff is trained to operate and maintain them properly.

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