Design & Engineering

We design efficient facilities that beautifully integrate form with function

One of Austin’s greatest strengths is our integrated approach to design and engineering. Our in-house, professional architectural and engineering staff work together to create innovative solutions to support your operating requirements. This allows the engineers to be involved in the design from the start, resulting in a more efficient building volume and lay-out, eliminating delays for re-work, and enhancing coordination through all phases of the design process.

Austin’s integrated project teams are industry focused. The team first understands your operation, challenges, strategy and vision before we begin to design the building and systems to optimally support it.

Sustainable Design

We apply sustainable design elements to all projects to the appropriate degree, based upon your requirements, project type, and practical opportunities afforded by the project program. Our interior designers participate in the sustainability plan, specifying materials and finishes with recycled content, that are locally produced, and that meet low-VOC or no-VOC requirements, when appropriate.

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Austin’s philosophy is to design facilities that provide flexibility and adaptability to accommodate tomorrow’s needs. This is accomplished through careful planning and integration of the facility space requirements, equipment and systems. Austin’s practical, yet stimulating, design solutions:

  • Meet your requirements – operational, budgetary and schedule
  • Allow for appropriate future flexibility
  • Provide for efficient and cost-effective processes
  • Promote sustainability, durability, and ease of maintenance

Value Engineering

Austin’s in-house engineering staff has extensive experience in structural, mechanical and electrical systems, water and piping, fire protection, equipment, controls, and waste treatment. We utilize the latest software to develop calculations and drawings focused on reducing operating cost, enhancing flexibility, providing a safe work environment, and delivering an economical and environmentally-responsible solution for all facility types.

Our value engineering approach underlies the design of every project and addresses both capital and operating life cycle costs. We seek to translate cost-consciousness into cost-effectiveness through every aspect of facility design – architectural, structural, mechanical process and electrical – as well as equipment fit-up. Austin’s team of designers and engineers offers a total solution that integrates the facility, process and business requirements that drive capital investment.

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