Equipment Installation

From design to installation, we ensure your equipment is the right fit

Whether replacing a single machine or an entire production line, the layout is of paramount importance. The Austin Company’s dedication to successful equipment installation makes the process efficient and effective. We understand that to install equipment in a facility requires going above and beyond the bare minimum legal requirements.

Early in the design stage, we provide drawings that are crucial in helping determine dimensions and configurations. The foundation must be thoroughly assessed to confirm that the weight of the equipment will be supported, along with other considerations by our structural engineers. Austin’s team has a solid understanding of equipment requirements, including electrical power, compressed air, special gases, potable water, drain systems, ventilation/exhaust and data communications. We take meticulous measures to ensure that overall utility systems are right-sized.

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Working closely with you throughout the design process, we ensure that equipment layout is optimized for maximum production efficiency. Austin takes all precautionary measures to place the equipment in the most appropriate location with regard to safety, production, maintenance and cleanability.

Installation begins with the design. Austin works with the client and vendors to complete test-fit layouts to ensure the process runs smoothly during installation. We also help clients relocate existing equipment from other plants and provide services for complete equipment removals for shutdowns.

Austin's design and installation process also takes equipment assembly into consideration. Equipment is typically shipped in large parcels that need ample space for assembly. We ensure the pieces of equipment and any installation tools have the right amount of space, while also ensuring that walls, doorways and other areas remain protected while assembly occurs.

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