Location Consulting

We provide objective insight to align location with corporate strategy

The Austin Company was a pioneer in developing professional location studies based on rigorous analytical procedures and has offered site location services for over 60 years.

Austin Consulting was formally established to further develop and support the Company’s site location and consulting services. Since then, this full-time, dedicated group of economic geographers, commercial real estate experts, and logistics specialists has completed more than 1,700 studies worldwide. Austin Consulting’s experience covers nearly all industries and types of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

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Austin Consulting's services consider all relevant aspects of your complications and requirements. Study criteria are suitably weighted according to their relative importance.

Specific recommendations, together with supporting data, are presented in each report. Austin Consulting’s reports are presented in a formal format typically used for presentations to corporate boards and financial institutions.

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In addition to location strategy analysis and site selection services, Austin Consulting provides due diligence and incentive negotiation services:

  • Due Diligence services ensure that selected properties can meet a project’s schedule, budget and risk expectations. Austin consultants conduct geo-technical services, boundary surveys, site plan development, storm water plans, utility commitment securement, and zoning and building code assessment.
  • Incentive Negotiation services include negotiating incentive packages with local and state economic development officials, application and approval compliance assistance, infrastructure grant negotiation, claw-back impact minimization, workforce development programs review, and incentive program audit and compliance monitoring.  

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