Manufacturing & Distribution


The Austin Company has been serving the manufacturing industry since our founding in 1878. Today, we continue to provide state-of-the-art equipment and facility solutions for manufacturers of a wide range of products. Using value engineering principles, we provide clients a comparison of the advantages of various facility options, including replacement, remodeling, renovation or retrofit of existing facilities, enabling them to quickly and cost-competitively determine the best approach to meet and exceed changing market demands.

Austin has the unique ability and experience to handle large and complex facilities and processes, including aerospace and automotive products, chemical processing, and laboratory facilities. Our in-house team of industrial engineers, industrial architects, facility engineers and construction professionals, combined with our consulting services for site location, incentive planning and negotiation, results in full-service or a-la-carte capabilities that efficiently and innovatively integrate the facility, process, and business requirements.

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Every aspect of our services for manufacturing companies is strategically developed to reduce operating cost, enhance flexibility, provide a safe work environment, and deliver an economical, sustainable and environmentally-responsible solution.


The Austin Company provides design, engineering, construction, project planning and estimating services for distribution centers. In addition, our location consultants have expertise in logistics network analysis, site selection, and incentives negotiation for manufacturing and distribution facilities across the country.

Austin has in-house, full-service capabilities that expedite the overall location and construction process, in addition to services to evaluate equipment layout and utilities; create and implement new, optimized processes; and educate personnel through workshops and analysis. Our team of industrial engineers is experienced in plant optimization and analysis, ensuring that facilities and material handling processes are designed and built for ultimate efficiency.