Meat & Poultry Processing

Each meat and poultry processing facility is unique. To meet the demands of this dynamic and increasingly complex market, sophisticated facilities for product development, processing, packaging, and distribution are required. In addition, meat and poultry processors must respond to constant examination and consistently produce high-quality products with the most stringent food safety and quality standards in mind.

Austin’s key personnel are well-versed and up-to-date in USDA, Food Safety, and GMP standards, applying their knowledge to ensure that each facility is designed and built to efficiently meet and exceed these rigorous criteria.

Austin has provided design, engineering and construction services for over 135 years. Today, not only does Austin have the stability and experience to provide proven design and construction practices, but we are also flexible and innovative in our approach to provide the most appropriate and advanced solutions for each project.

Large or small, Austin partners with our clients to ensure their individual challenges and requirements are understood and catered to each step of the way. Our key meat and poultry processing personnel all have 20 to 40 years’ experience in this industry. These individuals provide exceptional perspective, expertise and depth of knowledge to each project.