The Austin Method®

The Austin Company offers a variety of approaches in implementing a project. These generally can be classified into either a “design-bid-construct” or “design-build” project approach. In addition, Austin offers The Austin Method®, which combines the advantages of “design-bid-construct” and “design-build” approaches into a competitive-bid, cost-effective and accelerated schedule project implementation.

Originated in 1904, The Austin Method® is a proprietary, single-source integrated project delivery approach for complex and challenging building projects. The two-step method, described below, is tailored specifically to meet your needs. This method provides the earliest possible definition of a project scope, price and schedule before committing substantial effort and resources.
Project Description: 

Step 1 - Preliminary Design and Engineering

Step 1A - Conceptual Design

A four-to-six week effort to understand and evaluate the building project. The product is a report that includes conceptual drawings, narrative description, milestone schedule and budget price. The client can then evaluate this building option and may proceed to Step 1B.

Step 1B - Preliminary Design & Engineering

During this 10-to-12 week phase, Austin works closely with hospital staff to refine and develop the conceptual plans and specifications to produce a set of preliminary building documents. Interior design and engineering work is developed during this step. The preliminary design and engineering documents will be the basis for the guaranteed contract price and project schedule.


Step 2 - Detailed Design & Engineering, Procurement & Construction

On the basis of the Step 1B Report, you may proceed with a Design-Build agreement for the completion of the project. The construction documents are completed, subcontracts issued and construction begins. Austin’s singlesource capabilities and concurrent design and construction method, allows the client to realize the benefits of their operation’s increased efficiencies, faster than traditional approaches.


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