Plastics: Emerging Economies Signal Opportunity for Growth and Exportation

In this article for Trade & Industry Development, Frank Spano and Susan Riffle examine emerging trends in plastics, site selection and facility planning, and take a forward look at materials, applications and technology impacting this dynamic industry.


Plastics impact nearly every industry and whether we see or use the actual products or not, plastics have a profound effect on our daily lives. Plastics’ numerous applications across a wide range of industries include major end-use markets, such as: Packaging (bottles, film, cups), Building and construction (pipe, siding, insulation), Consumer and institutional (toys, housewares, medical), Transportation, Furniture and furnishings, Electrical and electronics (W&C, computers, appliances), Adhesives/inks and coatings, and Industrial machinery.

Plastics firms encompass niches from health and well-being, nutrition, shelter and transportation, to safety and security, communication, sports, leisure activities and innovations of industry. As the third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States, this sector continues to contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. Read more using the links below.


November/December 2013 Digital Issue of Trade & Industry Development