We are experienced, proven partners in cold plant and facilities design 

Decisions related to refrigeration and associated systems design have continued to get more and more complex. Requirements around refrigeration of food product vary greatly from product to product, as well as the form in which the product is to be refrigerated or frozen: in pieces (IQF), in cases or entire pallets. 

These complex and changing environments make it difficult for many clients to evaluate all the options, which is vitally important as the decisions made during early planning, design and selection of these systems can impact the construction and operations of a plant for a generation.

We partner with clients and together work through the design, selection, installation and operation of these systems. Austin team members have vast experience designing and building facilities that have included refrigeration or process piping. These projects span a wide range of food, beverage, process industries, pharmaceutical, and cold storage/distribution center operations.

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Austin's team includes in-house designers, engineers, constructors and consulting engineers from backgrounds that go beyond typical construction contractor roles, including roles as plant engineers, plant managers, food manufacturing quality managers, production operations managers, global ammonia system standards coordinators, and specialty consultants.

Our experience and proven performance provides our team with a unique prospective on the design, construction and operation of these types of plants, as well as the integration of refrigeration and support systems with the overall plant operations.

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