Results, not Excuses®

Early in our Company’s history, inspired by our single-source, fully-integrated approach to projects, someone described what differentiates Austin from any competitors is that we deliver “results, not excuses.” Our history does not document the exact origin of the expression, but it was and is so important to our culture that we made it our motto and registered the expression as a Registered Trademark.

Results, not Excuses® represents a commitment from The Austin Company to solve problems and exceed expectations. It is founded on the belief that our clients hire us to design and build a facility or project that meets their operational requirements. It is what we do. They do not hire us to simply produce architectural plans and specifications or a mechanical design, or provide construction management services. Certainly, those are all necessary tasks to be accomplished, but Austin delivers that and more. Our clients hire us to provide a solution to their facility problems.  

Austin’s clients benefit by relying on one point of contact to address issues, concerns and questions – they do not have to arbitrate between various subconsultants, subcontactors, the architect and engineer, and the construction manager or contractor. Austin’s clients’ expectations are that they will receive Results, not Excuses®

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Austin’s professionals carry the expression on the back of their business cards. The Company’s culture of Results, not Excuses® is only valid if that culture is a core belief of our team members. The Company’s expectations for our professionals, is that they will perform their services in a way to deliver results. We endeavor to create a work atmosphere where continuous improvement is a common theme, not blame.

As a single-source, fully-integrated design-build firm, our clients benefit from the ability to rely on one firm to deliver on their expectations, and for that firm to stand behind its work. What they get from Austin, delivered by our professionals, are Results, not Excuses®.