Schedule Performance

Austin works closely with clients and the entire project team to establish and maintain a well-coordinated project schedule.

Schedule Control

The key to achieving schedule – managing, maintaining margin, and mitigating risk – is having “control” and managing to a well-defined plan. Austin utilizes tools, such as Lean Pull Planning and Procore, the world's leading construction project management software, to establish schedule control.

Pull Planning results in development of a Pull Plan, Detailed Project Schedule and Weekly Work Plans. Weekly Work Plans include the tasks; individuals responsible for completing the tasks; and timing, duration and completion of the tasks. The Plans are reviewed on a weekly basis for the duration of the project.

Procore integrates with project scheduling software, such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P6, to keep the entire project team informed and on task with real-time, up-to-date project activities and milestones. Providing visibility to all team players, including clients and subcontractor trade partners, Procore enables a robust operating rhythm to stay on track, monitor progress and meet deliverables.

Schedule Risk Mitigation

In addition, to aid in schedule risk mitigation, Austin develops a comprehensive Critical Path (CPM) Schedule, and a Construction Control Schedule (CCS). These schedules support construction and track key “schedule risk” items, such as:

  • Design of the Structural Steel
  • Procurement of Structural Steel and Fabrication
  • Erection of the Structural Steel
  • Installation of the Roofing
  • Construction of the Interior Improvements throughout the Building
  • Testing, Balancing and Commissioning

Austin utilizes Daily Progress Tracking Charts to graphically illustrate performance trends and assure critical tasks with large volume components. Utilizing the Charts, Austin’s Construction Management Team can easily determine any potential negative trends and initiate corrections, such as additional work hours, additional crews and equipment, and improved efficiency. Similar charts are used for other work, including IMP installation, floor slab pours and components of interior improvements.

Austin’s vast experience with fast-track projects illustrates our ability to deliver high quality projects when they are needed, helping clients meet their operational requirements and the demands of a competitive marketplace.