Uncompromised Safety

Safety is our culture. 

It is not a corporate platitude. It is not “all talk” and “no action.” 

Austin's commitment to safety involves a comprehensive program that lifts safety from our Core Values and brings it to life in our daily activities.

Safety is a way of life at Austin. Every employee, on every job site, and in every office, lives our Safety Culture. 

For employees, Austin provides daily safety tips, safety announcements, monthly safety newsletters, online safety resources, education and open dialogue. On the job, Austin’s formal jobsite Safety Program includes jobsite safety training, surveillance and inspections, and weekly safety meetings. We maintain close interaction between management and field trades, utilizing Gemba Safety Walks for personal observation of work taking place. 

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Safety is not just a way of constructing buildings. We design safety into facilities to protect the people who will work inside and to protect the products being made.  

Because of our diligence to safety, Austin maintains some of the best safety ratings in our industry and has long been known for its distinguished Safety Record within the construction industry.

Austin’s commitment to uncompromised safety is reflected by the numerous safety awards and certifications the Company receives each year. Austin receives awards of excellence not only for its Safety Record, but also for its proactive efforts in accident prevention. 

Safety is paramount to our Company. Ensuring a safe work environment for our employees, clients and partners is the expectation. We believe that a focus on Safety contributes to overall quality. All Austin employees work toward producing the highest quality work, both in the field and within our offices.

We look at safety from all angles. From all aspects of the project lifecycle. 

With Austin, it’s always Safety First.